Brief History of Sign Language by Mr. Tan Yap

Aug 3 2010

Here is a brief history of how the Sign Language was first introduced to Malaysia by Mr. Tan Yap……

1964 – Mr. Tan Yap introduced the Sign Language in the Education of Deaf in Malaysia. Then, he developed a system of signs for the use in teaching Bahasa Malaysia. He started the first Deaf school in Malaysia at Johore Bahru for the Education of the Deaf children especially the averaged, dropouts and those who missed a chance of an education. Te combined philosophy was being used. Sign language classes too was conducted for staffs and personnel of the government department, companies, charitable organization, churches, religious centers, hospitals, parents of deaf children and general public. Mr. Tan Yap not only educated the deaf but also in much effort to secure jobs for them.

1970 – On the invitation of the Director, Ministry of Education, Malaysia, an In-Service Sign Language Course was conducted for all the Government teachers of the Deaf in Malaysia at the Language Institute, Kuala Lumpur.

1973 – Eleven Deaf Clubs were formed throughout Malaysia and three societies for the Deaf