Project Bakery a.k.a The Silent Teddies Bakery

Aug 5 2010


Community Service for The Centre of The Deaf (CSCD) is dependent on public funding, receiving only a small sum from the Government for it general operation. Public funding is ad-hoc and unreliable. The operation cost is increasing yearly.


  • Reduce the dependence on public funding through SELF-HELP projects.
  • In life with providing life skills training, and based on the philosophy of teaching one how to fish rather than providing him with fish. The idea of “Project Bakery” was mooted by SID.


  • Operate sustainable long term projects that can generate income while providing employment opportunities to the Deaf.
  • This strategy was mooted for some time now but there were no opportunities present that could achieve the objective.
  • The requirements for setting up a business were too challenging.