Project Bakery

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A little help goes a long way

Oct 25 2010

Bakery set up for the deaf, thanks to donor

Look out people, there is a new bakery with delectable cookies and bread in town by The Community Service Centre for the Deaf (CSCD). The Silent Teddies Bakery project was launched on Aug 2 after donations poured in from The Latin American Ladies Association in Malaysia and the Hong Leong Foundation.

The Latin American Ladies put together a ball on March 11 to raise funds to be distributed to two organizations – the CSCD and Rumah Wake. A donation of RM65, 000 was given to the foundation to buy the equipment for the bakery.

Bakery to train deaf youth will become a reality, thanks to RM60,000 donation

Aug 6 2010

A DREAM project is set to come true for the Community Service Centre for the Deaf (CSCD), thanks to ‘A Gift of Love’ donation of RM60,000 from the Latin American Ladies Association of Malaysia.

The CSCD is a non-profit and non-government organisation (NGO), whose mission is ensure that hearing-impaired children will acquire the necessary skills to succeed in a life full of challenges.

Project Bakery a.k.a The Silent Teddies Bakery

Aug 5 2010


Community Service for The Centre of The Deaf (CSCD) is dependent on public funding, receiving only a small sum from the Government for it general operation. Public funding is ad-hoc and unreliable. The operation cost is increasing yearly.


  • Reduce the dependence on public funding through SELF-HELP projects.
  • In life with providing life skills training, and based on the philosophy of teaching one how to fish rather than providing him with fish. The idea of “Project Bakery” was mooted by SID.